Experience BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive is a very intricate and many people aren’t aware of all the great things it can do. BMW has just put out a new video series showing off all the features of the system. They meant for this series to be a fun and entertaining way to showcase the features and uses of ConnectedDrive and we think they did a great job. Take a look at the first few videos that BMW put out.

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Designing a BMW: It All Starts with A Sketch

BMW cars are known for two major features, their performance and their design. But how does BMW continue to come up with the most beautiful and functional designs in the world? It all starts with a simple sketch on a piece of paper.

DrivesTV got a chance to sit down with one of the heads of BMW designs and learned all about how BMW works out their new designs. Take a look.

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BMW Tests Highly Automated Driving Car

We’ve all seen the futuristic videos of the cars that can drive themselves, most of the time while the driver focuses on other tasks. Many people think that this could and will be the future of driving, but to this day it still takes human interaction to get a car from point A to point B in the safest manner.

Many different companies are working on developing the technology to make this a reality, the two biggest being Google and BMW. Just a few short hours ago BMW released a video clip of them testing their most recent changes in their highly automated car.

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BMW Plans ActiveHybrid 3 Series

2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 3Just the other day at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show BMW showed off the all-new ActiveHybrid 3. The German motor company says it will begin bringing the vehicle, which is the first hybrid version of the 3 series, to market.

BMW has not confirmed any details of the car, other than that it will be made, but many people are making predictions as to which engine the car will house. Most people are expecting the ActiveHybrid 3 to use a 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbocharged TwinPower engine aided by an electrical engine which will deliver an additional 53 horsepower. The hybrid technology that will be used should be similar to that which is found in the BMW ActiveHybrid 5. The electric motor in that model produces an extra 55 horsepower and is supplied with energy by a high-performance lithium ion battery integrated into the luggage area.

Many experts expect the ActiveHybrid 3 to be incredibly popular, especially among those who are looking for a little luxury while they work on saving the planet.

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BMW Add Accident Management

BMW Accident Management is just one more thing that BMW is offering its drivers to make life even better. In the event of an accident just call the BMW Accident Hotline and they will help you with everything, and they mean everything. They will assist in calling the police, arranging a tow truck, providing a replacement vehicle or making the initial report to the insurance company.

BMW wants to make life easy in one of the most stressful, caotic times. With Accident Management you can remain calm and know that everything is going to be ok. Take a look at this video BMW just put out showing off this new program.

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BMW Wraps up 2011 with Best of Video

2011 was a pretty big year for BMW. Globally the company introduced two ground breaking concepts in the i3 and i8 and gave us a newly redesigned 3 Series, but BMW does a lot of other things that really have nothing to do with their cars. To celebrate the ending of a big year, BMW just put out a video montage with some of the best clips from events around the world and interspersed customer comments. Take a look as BMW looks to close out 2011 and begin 2012, which could be even bigger.

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BMW X3 Earns Top Safety Pick

2011 BMW X3This has been a good year for BMW so far. The all new 6 Series came out and has impressed us all, just a few months ago the company gave us a refreshed 3 Series complete with an entirely new way of customizing it, and now the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has awarded the X3 a Top Safety Pick award.

Earning the IIHS Top Safety Pick is not easy to do. To qualify cars have to earn the highest rating in front impact, side impact, rear impact and roof strength tests. Cars must also feature Electronic Stability Control standard.

“Safety has always been a top priority at BMW and our vehicles have always done well in IIHS tests,” said Tom Baloga, Vice-president Engineering (US) for the BMW Group. “As well as the X3 will protect its driver and passengers in a crash we believe that it is even more important that the X3 has been engineered to help the driver avoid the crash in the first place.”

BMW has come out with many major new technologies that help to keep everyone safer on the road, not just BMW drivers. The technology in a BMW works to help prevent accidents from ever happening with new features like a head-up display which keeps drivers eyes on the road at all times. Should an accident occur new features like knee airbags help to keep the cars occupants safe and the ConnectedDrive system helps to notify first responders earlier.

Let Hendrick Motors BMW show you how all the technology in a BMW helps keep you safe and show you exactly why the X3 has earned its place as a Top Safety Pick. Visit our website at HendrickMotorsBMW.com to see more and where to find us.

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BMW Unveils New 6-Series Gran Coupe

Recently BMW took the covers off the all-new 6-Series Gran Coupe. This is a unique 4-door coupe design that is every bit as graceful and beautiful as it is powerful. Take a look at this great video showing off the new Gran Coupe and tell us what you think by leaving us a comment below.

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A New Way to Style Your BMW 3 Series

A few months ago, following its huge Frankfurt debut, we gave you a first look at the BMW 3 Series. You will recall that BMW is now going to be offering the 3 Series with 3 different lines – Sport, Modern, and Luxury. Each of these lines has the same heart and soul of the car but with subtle differences to make each buyer feel a little more at home. Delivery date is quickly approaching for the German automaker and to help show off the differences a little more clearly before the car hits showrooms, BMW put out a new video that gives buyers a visual look at the differences. Take a look.

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The Designing of a BMW

BMW has always been ahead of the game when it comes to designing their cars. This short video gives BMW lovers a look at the entire design process and a look at some of the specific design elements of the BMW 1 Series.

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